Symbiotic Paradise: homo et avium. Irina Lagoshina
Irina Lagoshina art project was showcased at science art section during DISIGNNEXT 2018 exhibition in Moscow Central House of Artists . 
Using scientific potential, the author of this project portrays and demonstrates capabilities a symbiotic paradise, a new way of life where humans combine scientific achievements and naturally regulated mechanisms.

The threat of extinction on Earth has made our population rethink of ways to coexist with nature. In order to implement a global plan to preserve the biological balance and diversification, representatives from the animal world were brought to help humans. The first species to form a positive symbiosis were birds, they easily evolve and are subject to training. With the help of genetics and technology the natural abilities of birds were enhanced and made them excellent assistants to humans. Planting, collection and sorting of waste, pest termination and data collection are some of the tasks that are currently done by different types of birds. Humans have made comfortable conditions for birds to live and procreate, like technological nests with force fields that regulate temperature that are used in cities and natural habitat.