Irina Lagoshina & Daria Kurguzova
Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
Special Project Britanka_Coop
Installation & Perfomance
As part of a special exhibition Britanka_Coop during the Moscow International Biennale for young Art, a project “After Us” created by artists Irina Lagoshina and Daria Kurguzova proposed to reflect on the technical development of civilization and possible future paths. An Installation and a performance were showcased at the “Winzavod”, a Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow.


 “After Us” are images of technological evolution and thoughts on the subject of creation such a world where human civilization, nature and technology can all coexist in a harmonious symbiosis. Such a view of the world structure refers to the concept of the noosphere of the Soviet scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. He believed that within the process of evolution, after the biosphere and the technological revolution inevitably follows the spiritual revolution known as the noosphere. The unique unity of humanity, production and nature which should all transformed to be controlled by the human mind.


The Art Project proposes to recall the concept of the noosphere and use it as a positive view of the future, as an alternative to self destruction which is being pursued by humanity. Female torsos at different stages of pregnancy were used to symbolize the next stage of technological development. Mechanisms, electricity and electronics were used as images of the historical experience. The two placental casts, one deformed the other healthy, represented two potential future outcomes. Both scenarios are already “Born” but which will be our future depends on each one of us.


The last object of the installation, the casing of the mold from the “healthy” placenta symbolizes the possibility of creating a prosperous future. This object was completed during the performance. On the opening day of the exhibition, Irina created paints with the use of natural pigments and painted the plaster casings from the female torsos and the placenta which were obtained during the creation of the project. Painted torsos were destroyed during the performance to symbolize the past, which became the genetic basis of the present and the future.


 “During the performance I imagined that humanity rejected the egoistic consumptive behavior and used natural mechanisms to preserve a balance between future development of technology and the biosphere. The result of my images is a laconic abstract drawing, while the shell from the cast of the placenta is similar to a sea shell - another symbol of birth” explained Irina Lagoshina.


“In the future, we would like to evolve the theme of the noosphere not only in art but also in the social sphere. We already have ideas on how to implement this in order to not only speak with the audience but also to make projects with like-minded people that will bring us closer to the implementation of the noosphere concept. Or it could very well be a new concept based on the theory of Vernadsky” stated Daria Kurguzova.