Irina Lagoshina artist

Irina Lagoshina was born in Mozdok, Russia. Currently resides and works in Moscow. Her practice encompasses a wide variety of media ranging from painting to monumental sculpture. As a contemporary artist she prefers to express her ideas in sculpture form.


Stylistically, Irina’s artworks combine classical ratios and proportions with geometric minimalism.

She is inspired by nature, mythology, russian culture and the philosophical reflections of the inner as well as human activity.


Irina is a member of the Moscow Artist Union and the Creative Union of Russian Artists. Since 2005 her projects have been exhibited in various Russian art institutions and private galleries. Since 2017 Irina participates in international art fairs. 


Her art is presented in private and corporate collections in Russia, USA, UK, Israel and the Netherlands. Public sculptures are displayed in the USA (Miami),  UAE (Dibai) and in various Russian cities.